I decided I should hurry up and post this one before I got so caught up in homework and tying up loose ends here at work, that I miss it.

In this jobs climate, the fact that Todd and I were able to BOTH find good positions, within two weeks of each other, is amazing.  Todd’s experience was not easy – many, many resumes submitted, with no response and no interviews… until the right one came along and he is SO enjoying it.

My situation though?  Well… I’m going to map it out so everyone can see the series of events that led to this point.  One single piece out of alignment and it wouldn’t have happened.  I’m doing it from most recent going backwards and if I forget something, I can live with that.

1. April 2009 – KW and the company were looking for a person with a combination of accounting, tech, and education background.  I have those (and you’ll see them in the following list).  **In case the post previous to this one was missed, I was offered the position this morning and accepted it.

2. April 2009 – I quickly responded based on an email from RS (the Accounting Assistant program head), getting my resume submitted with a cover letter.  Five minutes after I sent it, I got an email from KW that he wanted to interview me.

3. April 2009 – RS emailed me to let me know that he knew of a position with CMS and was I interested.  I emailed him back and told him that I was.  I waited for an email back from him with the hiring company’s information.

4. April 2009 – KB (my good friend, mentor, and supervisor) asked me if I wanted her to contact RS to see if he knew of any positions.  I told her yes, although I was stunned because I had been thinking it was too soon in my studies to start looking.  I’d been planning on the end of summer, but it felt right.

5. April 2009 – Confirmed my suspicions about what was happening with my current position and knew that it was time to begin thinking about internships in my field.

6. March 2009 – Started the Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management with Keller Graduate School of Business.  Loved my first class and realized this is what I’d been looking for all along.  Was kind of shocked, but knew that the timing had to be right for me to get there.

7. January 2009 – after searching through many programs, talked to an enrollment counselor with Keller and made the commitment to do the program.  Got all materials submitted, got my acceptance, and got enrolled for the March session.

8. December 2008 – got notification from our current university that we were losing the fee waiver with the transfer to the new community college.  The financial impact (potential) for my family?  $12,000 per year.  Dropped all my education classes and began looking for training/education that would enable me to leave the path I was currently on and better support my family.

9. November 2008 – left the LIS program due to finances, no jobs for my husband, and a profound feeling that the program was not where I should be.  Arranged to return to the College of Education at my university where I work.  Spent hours coordinating it.

10. August 2008 – Started the LIS program after months of prepwork, research, and application process.  Todd began looking for work that fit with school…  It took until April 2009.

11.  To shorten this down:  1983, first learned BASIC… 1989, learned dBase IV… 1994, took Pascal Programming…. 1998, Project Management and Intermediate Excel…. 2001, Advanced Access (database development) and that same year, created a database for a company to track broken systems.

12.  Worked in banking and finance: 1989-1990, 1993-1996, 1997-1999, 2001-2002…

13.  Took graduate level education classes – one general and one related to early childhood.


There’s more but this was starting to get fatiguing.  Oh!!  Last August?  I left the College of Business, here on campus, and took the promotion at the College of Applied Technology.  I did this, even though it was a Limited Service Agreement (meaning after June 30th of this year, there was no guarantee of a job).  I did this and it turned into complete chaos over here, even though I love my co-workers a great deal and I think the work our college does is really important.

What I’m trying to say is this:  What were the odds that any one small thing might not have happened?  What were the odds of finding a company that combines the two areas I’m massively interested in?

I have tilted towards tech for so long, it’s just a part of me…  to find something that lets me fulfill that?  I just don’t think I can express it.  I want to know the why and the how and the “what makes it work.”  Not just hardware, but software too, and I get both of those in the new position.

Look – I wish I was artistic.  I wish I had a poet’s soul…  I wish I could make beautiful things.  I can’t.  I accept that.

Ok, wait – I helped make beautiful boys… that counts for something.

I know myself.  I know what I love and luckily for me, that’s tempered by a drive to be of service to others… so I have that redeeming quality.  I am just counting my blessings that this incredible flow of events happened the way it did.  I’ve made some really stupid decisions in my lifetime.  I almost perfected the art of the dumbass decision.

This is not one of those decisions.

If this whole sequence can’t be called serendipity, I don’t know what can.  And I stand by that.

So if you’re out there… wondering if good things happen… I can tell you this:  They do.  It took me 20 years to get it right and believe me, the hard work is only just beginning.

But it CAN happen.

Cheers to all,
celebratory moonfire


One thought on “Serendipity

  1. You know it’s kind of like the philosophy that nothing is a coincedence. Everything has a purpose. It’s weird when you see it work, and then you wonder if there really are no accidents. I’m glad it all worked out for you.

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