One down, fourteen to go!

My grade on my final was posted – 220/250…  88%.   I was simultaneously thrilled and then, yep, the perfectionist showed up in me and I thought, “What?  How did I MISS 30 points???”

I know.

This glass is 88% full, not 12% empty!

So my final grade for the class was a 95.4% – firm A.


Today I am going to kick some serious class butt and get reading, module, and case study done.  I’m going to refocus and let what happens roll out.  There is nothing further I can do at this point.  The career position will either happen or it won’t.  I spoke to my big boss yesterday (since Mama Kel had spilled the beans about my interview Monday).  I explained the position, the opportunity and how, yes, it is time for me to move into a career position.

He was very gracious and told me to let him know if it doesn’t work out so we can look internally at the community college.  He also told me that if I were hired in that position to let him know so we could celebrate.  I am still smiling at that comment.  He’s a good guy.  I know he wants people to succeed, but I also know that he needs people around him who are strong enough to TELL him to delegate to them.  Maybe it’s just a case of him needing to truly believe he can count on people so he’d do it.  I’m not entirely sure because I haven’t worked in close proximity with him.

I do know that a few of us have been offering and he hasn’t taken us up on it, not to any deep degree.  I wish he could have know, without doubt, that we were not only ready and willing, but we were absolutely able.

I have to be patient until I have the final word on this other position, but once I know I can begin to make some new, concrete plans (that statement SO sums up how I am…).  If I’m not chosen, I’d like to talk to KW and see if he would be interested in doing some mentoring for me.  Every single person that I’ve talked to who knows him has amazing things to say about him.  Add to that the intuitive feeling I’ve gained through talking to him and the information I’ve gathered – this is a man who could help me to develop.  Is that a lot to ask?

Yes.  It is.  But I’m willing to do it because I feel strongly enough about it.  Talk about stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I hate overt, unwarranted presumption, but this man is a teacher and he truly loves mentoring.  I can only imagine how much I could learn from him.

Here’s the thing:  If I do end up working for him, I’ll be thrilled.  And this is beyond the company itself, which I think is great.  KW is someone that I can see aspiring to follow in his footsteps.  He has the people-ability AND the technology side.  He strives to develop all of his staff.  And I’d be willing to bet that he does that, where possible, for his students.

It’s time for me to get my day started.  My alarm will go off in a few moments and that will signal it’s time for me to get Aidan ready for gramma.  (He was a pill last night and would NOT go to sleep… oy)


I’ve had a decent night’s sleep and I’m regaining my footing for my classes.  I’ll regroup further today.  Distractions and detours are fine, especially in this instance.  But there are still firm responsibilities to be dealt with.  Oh… yeah.  Apparently my sense of humor has resurfaced and my appetite has diminished.  Also, the horrid headaches have finally given up the ghost.


If I hear today or tomorrow?  And it’s “Yes, we’d love to hire you.”  I will give my 2 weeks notice and start on my 40th birthday.  How is that for poetic?

I know I’m trying to reign in my expectations.  This is unknown territory for me…  The big boss giving me reinforcement and an alternative option?  Well, I won’t ignore that.

Cheers and Happy Thursday from the busy, messy desk of


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