Can I add yet another “Best Post” from a mom?

Stumbled on this blog today because, frankly, Todd and I had a chat last night about the necessity to put (kidding here) some rum in Monkey Butt’s sippy cup.  Man he was being a poop.


This blog post is awesome and I actually got teared up reading it because she did such an amazing job talking to her son and I’m printing it off and saving it, because some day I KNOW I’ll be having this exact same talk with Bren.

I know teaching is a tough job and I totally respect it.  I also know that there are some things that we don’t need to freak out about.  Creativity and expression are just that… and little kids (boys and girls both) don’t need to be crushed any more than society is already trying.


The poster completely rocks.  I will clamber down off my soapbox now and get to the business of adding her to my blogroll.

*One final thought that has been pinging through my mind… I love the Blog-World.  There is some seriously damn-fine writing happening out here – voices that might not have been heard or been so accessible if this option weren’t available.  So I’m cheering for the Blog-world.


2 thoughts on “Can I add yet another “Best Post” from a mom?

  1. I love reading blogs too and all these interesting people. I totally feel you about the rum thing, you just can’t decide who needs it more you or the kid.

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