…or something like it

Just tweeted.  I twittered.  I was one with the tweets.

Yeah.  I know.  Time to eat – obviously the sugar-low is overtaking my brain.

For anyone who might be remotely interested, this is my Twitter address: http://twitter.com/shantheblogr

I am a lazy, lazy writer when it comes to it, but lately I’ve been feeling the urge to see how much I can convey in those short characters.  Actually, I’m a short character too.

I think I was successful today.  And for the record, my freshly starched cotton shirt (oooh) matches my jade green toenails.  I believe I may be hearing tones of “I feel pretty” drifting in from the background.  Actually, it’s not so much that I feel pretty or anything like that.  It’s more a case of feeling like I’m just perfectly me today.  I have my black, cat-eye glasses with the wee rhinestone chip in each corner.  I have lovely dark, over-dyed denim pants on, with my favorite black sandals.  I’m wearing my second favorite necklace – a circle with three stars (one for each of my guys) and on the back is etched, “Dreams come true.”  I have in my favorite silver hoops – smallish, but sturdy.

And as for why the necklace is my second favorite – My number one favorite is the sterling silver rectangle frame with the three hearts – for my three guys (yes, this is a theme).  Sweet Bren decided he was fascinated with it and broke the chain.  I still need to find a replacement chain for it and I will… in May.  I promise myself that.

But this is me and I am really happy with who I am.  I’m just glad that I’m finding ways to show it, all without having to follow what other people like….

I love a freshly pressed and starched cotton shirt….  I love blue jeans… dark, faded, soft, crisp… I love jeans, period.

I love my funky glasses and I love my simple silver jewelry.

I also happen to love my darn skull shirts and this last one is why I’m bummed about my weight.  So unfair.  Yes… I could attempt to replace them but it wouldn’t be the same…

Anyway.  I am a peaceful, happy woman this morning.  I got my “tweet on” and I’ve blogged.  Now it’s time for waking my remaining two guys – small fry is off to gramma and grampa’s house.  Then it’s time for a hot cuppa tea and a busy day at the office.

life is good



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