I am VERY glad I prepared as much as I did for the interview.  90% of the material I worked on wasn’t used, BUT I was focused.

I thought I was going to be interviewing for a 30-32 hour per week, entry-level position.


I interviewed for a supervisory position, full-time, salaried.

It’s a professional level position with a really great company.  I am blown away.  I will attempt to contain my hopes about this… but I truly believe it would be an excellent fit for me.

The only comment I have is this:  Much like the situation with Brennan and the Gate homework – this new position would be HUGE for learning and big work compared to what I’m doing now.

Traditional kindergarten is to G/T what this position is to the new position.

I feel confident about how the interview went.  Whether or not the company will share my confidence in my abilities could be subject to the other candidates they interview.  I have both accountancy AND database, plus an education background.


Ok.  I have to let it be.  I was prepared.  I was focused.  I know that the job will be very hard work and it will be a great deal of learning.  I also know that I can do it.   I did my very best in the interview.  I was a bit thrown off by the fact that I wasn’t interviewing for what I thought I was going to be interviewing for (could that be a more awkward or convoluted sentence?  Maybe, if I were Yoda)…

It’s going to be a long wait for the outcome.

A long, long wait.

I’d better be studying hard this week.

Can you say serendipity?



2 thoughts on “Whoa.

  1. Good luck! Any experience like this is never in vain, if anything it helps you for the future. I have found that often I am surprised at how well I can do when I get out of the way of me!

  2. That is such an exciting feeling – when you feel like you connect with a position and the interview goes well. As one who spent several years hiring people, those are the interviews we *heart* as well.

    Good luck!

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