Breakfast with my family…

Called Mum early this morning and invited her to go for crepes with us (at IHOP).  Had cuddle time with the boys and Todd, all of us piled in our bed…  It was lovely and having Todd home on the weekends is making me one very happy woman.

I see now what a difference it makes…  I guess necessity and habit had made it so we didn’t know exactly how much we were missing out on, but now we’re together and it feels wonderful.

I am trying to not be too excited about the changes that are happening for our family – they seem so positive and I’m afraid that if I accept them and allow hope to build, I’ll be let down.

My counselor said essentially the same thing, especially about the job.  There are a LOT of people looking for jobs right now and you just can’t ever know.  So my intuitive feeling is that I’m an outstanding fit for the job, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company can afford to take the risk on me.  They may need someone who has a higher level of skills than I have and I will face that when I come to it.

I’ve thought a lot about what I DO offer:

-customer service background
-strong database background, from dBase IV in 1989 all the way to Access in 2001
-English degree, strong communications – both written and verbal
-experience in Pascal Programming and over 20 years usage of PCs/various software packages
-extremely fast learner, collaborative and independently motivated by curiosity

… There’s more, but these are some of the key areas that I have.  I keep doing this, reminding myself about what I have to offer and why I’d be a good risk for them.  Why do I keep talking in terms of risk?  Well, essentially, that’s what you get when you are both an employer hiring a new employee AND an employee taking on a new job with a new company.  There is an element of risk for both and the potential benefits have to exceed the costs (training time, learning curve, adjustment, and, sadly, the risk of failure) – I have a relatively low tolerance for risk because I’m the primary financial provider for our family.  I don’t know what this company’s threshold is…

At the same time, I can stick it out and stay in my comfort zone for a while longer and there will be a gradually diminishing benefit to my staying with my current office.  Yes.  Right now, it’s a plus situation…  but I know that downward curve is going to get steep as we approach July 1.

(how many are now sitting there with a glazed look, ready to nod off??)

**Have I mentioned recently how appropriate my studies are?  Yeah.  Seriously…

Well, I need to get into the shower and I need to get the family moving so we can meet mum for breakfast.  And THAT is the way to have a Sunday morning!!!  🙂



One thought on “Breakfast with my family…

  1. I hope you have fun with breakfast with your Mum. You get me all stressed out when you talk about getting a new job, but that’s just me as I have a HORRIBLE time getting a job. Maybe that’s the real reason I’m a stay at home mom. I’m pulling for you. I hope you get an amazing job.

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