so this is what it feels like…

I got up before 7am this morning and, per the plan I hatched when Todd finally got out of his old job, I dressed in my best “let’s get our ass moving” clothes, and off I went.

I did great for most of the time… then, about 45 minutes in, my legs started to get a twinge, an ache.  Oh boy.  I decided to push on for another 2 laps – got through 1 and called it quits since I still had to walk back to the house (more than 5 minutes, but less than 10).

As I got closer to the house I could feel things starting to tighten up and muscle fatigue started.

All told, I was out for an hour, booking it at a good clip, with one short run of 1/8th of a mile before I realized that I have another week or two before I should be running.  It felt good and it was cold, cold, cold… when I was out for the first 15 minutes, my legs were icy.  Gradually I warmed up and it felt good, but there was a while where I was wishing I had long johns on.

Anyway, for the sake of disclosure and possibly a bit of humiliation, I am weighing in at 182.  I remember crying in the bathtub about 10 years ago because I hit 150.  182 is devastating.  I spent the first 2/3’s of my current life-span weighing at less than 130 lbs.  The last 10 years have seen that gradual creep to a certain point and then BAM, in this last year I’ve gained 40 lbs.  Yes, I know it’s stress, lifestyle, and nutrition/exercise, but it’s depressing as hell anyway.

Ok.  Time for a hot bath and then I’ve got cleaning/prepping to do for the kids coming over today.  I’m thinking about looking for an inexpensive, but simple board game to see if I can persuade the girls to sit down with me for a bit.

We Ya has been getting into trouble and I need to have a talk with him today.  That’s going to be a rough one…  I’m not looking forward to it, but he needs to understand that he can’t do certain things.

It’s another big day in our household, but luckily my honey is home where he should be.



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