Some good and some sad

I’ll start with the sad news….  My dear friend is a high school teacher (Biology) in Florida.  Her classes have a substantial number of gang members in them and she talked to me last night about a student that she has lost…  He and his “friends” were involved in violence that lead to one boy’s death on Sunday.  Now this student is one of four that is being charged with felony murder.

She told me the other side to him – the side where he was gradually doing more in her class, where he was gaining some ground.  And now it’s over for him… even if he is not ultimately found guilty of the charges, something that sounds unlikely, he won’t be allowed to return to public school.

She is an incredible person and she needs to be there for these students.  I struggled in thinking about how to write this… such a delicate thing.   A mother lost her son Sunday night – due to something that makes absolutely no sense to me…  Four other mothers are about to see their sons go to prison, at the ages of 15, 16, and 17.

The waste of these children’s lives is beyond me… makes me want to weep for the mothers – how, when they looked at those little faces at 4, 5, or 6 – how could they begin to imagine what was coming for them?

These children are going to miss out on so much of what can make life beautiful and meaningful…

I just don’t understand.


I will hug both my boys tonight.  I am not the type given to prayers, but I would like to send out a primal yell and ask the question, “why?”  And “please make it stop.”


I want to write some of the happier news that we have in our home, but I just can’t do it – not beyond saying that I’ll be interviewing for that job on Monday.  The time is set.  I’m doing the work I need to do in order to be as prepared as possible.

And one final small sunshine thought – this morning Bren was going into his before-school program with Todd.  One of the young women who works in there was sitting with another, older (perhaps second grade) student and said, “Brennan, you read good [and yes, I cringed at this part of the story….sigh] – will you please give *** [name] his spelling test?”

Yes… and reminder that Bren is a kindergartner…


So hug your children.  Be glad and thankful if you live free from the kind of violence and loss that those young men live in.  And if you ever have the chance to make a difference in a child’s life – an opportunity to let them know that someone out there cares about them and DOES NOT believe they are disposable…  Do it.



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