Happy Dance!

I got 100% of the points on my final project.  This means that even if I got my “worst case” scenario grade on the final (a B), I’ve got my A for the class….

I am SO freaking happy right now!

AND I got two more chapters read yesterday – this means I’m down to two chapters to read today and then I can start on the sample problems and writing out my study cards.

Todd and I sat on the bed last night, studying together…  In a very strange way it was domestic and academic, all at the same time.  I liked it…  at least until my eyes started drooping and I had no energy left at all.  That’s a great way to go to bed because there’s no chance that I won’t sleep when I’m like that…

I wish that I didn’t have to wait until the 30th for my grade.  I wish the finals would be finished by Saturday.  What is really freaky is that today is the last day to do the final…. so there are probably people out there who haven’t even taken it yet.  Whoa.   What a thought.

Time for shower and the morning ritual of finding something decent to wear.   I just LOVE that ritual.  bah.

Cheers from a still wildly happy moonfire


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