End of day… tired, but happy

It has been a long day.

It just feels soooo good to be home.  I’ve got interview prep to do tonight and some reading, if I can fit it in.  I’m on-track, as far as my studying, so I have the leeway to allow for the interview prepping I want to do.  I don’t normally get nervous about interviews, but this one really matters.  How often do you have the chance to interview for a really good company, for a position where you know you’ll learn a great deal AND start yourself on the path to a better future?

After the message this morning, I didn’t get the phone call I was hoping for by the end of the day so I sent off a reply message thanking him and letting him know I was looking forward to talking to him.  I got home a little while ago and there was a response from him in my inbox – he asked when it would be convenient for me to meet with him.  In this employment environment, I’m available whenever he has the time to see me!  I’m there.

I reviewed the company’s website and I pulled up the syllabus for the class this gentleman teaches.  I wanted to understand more about his style and often you can get a glimpse from the way the language in a syllabus is couched.  I like what I saw… and actually the class he teaches sounds really interesting, but that’s for another day.

I have to be honest here.  I am completely stunned about this opportunity.  I didn’t see it coming and once I started looking into the company, I couldn’t help but see the positives and how we might suit each other.  I know we often look for a match – hoping to find an intersection of what we have to offer, what we need from an employer, and what the employer likely needs.

This is truly a great match for me.  I only hope that I have a skillset and background (plus potential) that will work for them.

And from what I saw on the website, if their corporate culture lives up to what they publish, I will fit very nicely there.

Ok.  I need to work on my “sales presentation” for myself.  You know the drill… strengths, weaknesses, what do I have to offer, why should they hire me….  I’ve already been noodling this over and I want to write some things out…  This is one of the most important interviews I have ever gone on.  I need to be clear, concise, professional and very prepared.

And it’d be handy if I could find a healthy dollop of patience while I’m waiting for him to return my message/call.

on that note – I’m prepping.


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