Ahhh, Saturday morning!

Even though I had a rough night and the baby had me up early, I feel ok and I’m actually feeling reasonably perky.  Let’s see if I can maintain that through the remainder of the day.

So.  The ONLY thing (besides looking after the kids) that I have to focus on this weekend is studying for my final.  When you view things that way, in a really simplified way, it makes your perspective seem crystal clear.  Look after kids.  Study for final.  Whoa.  That’s my to-do list.

I like it.

Of course, this all presumes that I will be able to ignore the mess lying around me (yay for a busy week – it makes the weekend FULL of housework to do! bah)…

At the very least I’ll clean off the table and set up my study space.  I used to laugh at my sister’s need to have a clean space before she began her studying, but now I understand it.  It’s not about putting off the studying… it’s about mental focus and frankly, there’s no way I can focus with the detritus of the past week (mostly small child toys and weird leftovers that are evidence the Easter Bunny did make it to our house) all over my space.  Todd got one of the small book cases put together, so I can at least move some things off onto it.

Aidan has decided to plant himself on my lap and while I can still type, it’s getting harder.  Apparently he decided to bring a stinky “gift”…

On that note, it’s time to get going and take care of the unwrapping and “enjoyment” of said gift.

Someday…. someday he will be out of diapers and this will be a distant and mostly unpleasant memory…

Until then…

…it’s time to breathe through my mouth.

Cheers and happy Saturday!


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