not a “one hit wonder”

Well.  That seals the deal for me.  I just listened to this and there it was again… that emotional response.

I’ve given this a lot of thought over the last day and honestly, I think maybe all of us out here who have been feeling beaten down and tired are just glad to have this story to buoy us up.

She did the things she was supposed to do – she took care of what was necessary and finally, after all these years… this amazing thing happened.  So here’s my wish for her:  I hope that folks watch over her now and let her do the thing she loves, because she’s due.

And boy… do I love listening to her sing.

It’s also lovely to feel inspired…  I really needed this right now.  I suspect that quite a few of us did.

Cheers from a once again weepy moonfire (bah, bladder too close to eyeballs…)


One thought on “not a “one hit wonder”

  1. She’s amazing, isn’t she? I’m sure they’re going to doll her up, which I kind of like because I think they’ll have fun giving her a make-over that I hope makes her feel young and pretty.

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