Perspective and the tilted head

I was preparing to write this morning when I tilted my head way over to one side (in an attempt to dislodge the headache, I think).  I noticed how interesting it was to view the computer screen from a different angle… to see the pictures on my bulletin board behind the monitor, usually hidden except peripherally, but with that tilt they became more prominent.

Why does this matter?  Well, truthfully it doesn’t – not much anyway.  It’s mostly a little comment on how I seem to find perspective a slippery thing right now.  I’ll be trundling along, thinking things are crappy and suddenly, out of the blue, I’ll notice something a little wonky or interesting.

And sometimes a piece of good news will drop in my lap unexpectedly.  That does still happen.  Todd got a bit of good news on Monday morning and then he faced down that hideous test on Tuesday, only to resurface today… a bit more rested and quite possible able to do fine on his test today.

To top it off, he got an interview yesterday.  The guy actually told him that he’s the top candidate right now, so the bit of reinforcement was nice.  With a slight turn of the head and a smidgeon of optimism, he might actually get the job.

It remains to be seen.  We’ve been through times where it seemed like good things would happen, only to have them shift and distort and fall through.

The headache is still here, but I came prepared with back-up.  I’ve got Tylenol and Zyrtec.  One or both should help.  Maybe.

Back to the perspective thing….  I have my textbook and notes sitting on my desk right now.  I worked on my final project for several hours yesterday and was planning to continue refining the analysis last night but I got home and realized that my perspective had changed.  I needed a break.  I needed to let the day go and drift off for a bit.

Maybe it wasn’t a head-tilt…  It was more a change in scenery and the resulting impact was a change…  I like that.

Which leads me (random thoughts, I know) to that strange thing that happens at night when you’re having a disturbing dream.  Have you ever woken from it, tried to go back to sleep in the same position and found yourself right back in the dream?  That’s tenacity, isn’t it?  But the interesting thing about it is you can change your physical sleeping position and shift the dream… a change in perspective through a physical adjustment.

Or maybe I’m the only one who thinks that is a fascinating thing.

Could be.

A final thought:  I wish I had more of a poet’s soul rather than an accountant’s.  But this is what I was given.   So I’ll be happy with it, except for every once in a while when I wish, briefly, that I wasn’t so literal and analytical.

Cheers… it’ s Wednesday,


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