Just submitted my final class project

Wow.  What a feeling.

I busted my butt and got the numbers into the spreadsheet yesterday and then today I did the written analysis portion.  I had already started putting together my “take” on which of the two companies would be the better investment, based on the numbers, but sitting down today and reviewing the meaning of the ratios firmed up my opinion.

I have no idea where I’ll end up as far as my final grade on the thing.  There were good details about what to include for the ratios, but less direction about the structure and organization of the written report.  I gave my overview, a break-down of the ratios and what each meant in the context of the review, plus I gave my conclusion.  I kind of hope that I bucked the knee-jerk reaction I suspect others in my class will have.

On the other hand, perhaps most of us will come to the same conclusion.

I’m hoping for 100 out of the 120 points.  I could be happy with that.  It’d be nice to get more, but I don’t want to get my expectations up.

I’ve really enjoyed this class and now I’m ready to start looking ahead to my next two.  I need to do my study and review for the final, which I will start tomorrow.  I also need to do a couple more discussion board postings tomorrow and Saturday.  Friday is out due to office trainings… sigh… I hate all-day trainings.

Anyway… thought I’d share my celebratory moment.  I really enjoyed the analysis…  Weird, eh?

Cheers! moonfire


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