Brief before the day goes nuts

I hate Mondays.  Today is no exception.  And it’s not because it’s Monday and all about going back to work…

No.  I hate Mondays because I won’t be productive today….  I’ll be driving people to work/school, picking up Todd from school to take him home from school so he can finally go to bed… then I’ll go back to work, then I’ll pick up Bren at 2pm from school and take him home.

Somewhere in there, I have get some work done.

But this Monday is even better because I have to drive up to H&W today plus mail things at the post office plus go out to get the baby at about 5pm (and that means 5pm traffic there and back).

If I’m lucky, I’ll get in about 3-4 hours of working time and the rest will be running around.


If I’m bitchy or grumpy or need a frou-frou coffee?  So be it.  If I decide to eat some of the Cheetos hiding in the cupboard?  Tough.

And now it’s time to get in the shower.  Then I can wake up Bren and cajole him into getting ready for school.

bah.  (Doesn’t even warrant a capital B)



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