Waiting on dinner to finish cooking…

I’ve got a ham in the oven (does that sound odd?), green beans cooked and sadly, cooling on the stove… mashed potatoes will be ready in a bit and some turkey gravy from a jar to heat up.  It’s all dependent on the ham finishing up, then I can get us fed and relax for the rest of the evening.  Our table is still covered with the student stuff, so it’ll be casual dining this evening.  Fine by me.  I’m not normally the one in charge of cooking – that’s Todd’s forte, so I leave him to it, but tonight I decided to put together a decent meal.  Simple is best with Bren and since he’ll actually EAT ham, we’re having ham.  Ok… plus Fred Meyer’s flame-crafted ham is incredibly yummy.

Aidan had an appetizer of yogurt and fresh blueberries… mostly because I didn’t do a good enough job of hiding them as I was putting them in the fridge, so he pestered me hard-core until I gave them to him.  He, of course, proceeded to eat ALL of them.  Child is going to have to be a doctor some day…  he owes me that much… between the foul blueberry diapers and the fact that he can eat $4.00 worth of blueberries in a single sitting.

If I were a gardener, I’d grow them myself.

Time to finish up the potatoes and get the gravy heated.  We have rosemary potato bread too… my weakness.  Just plain with a bit of butter?  It’s enough to curl your hair in yummy deliciousness.

Cheers on the end of this long, busy Saturday.


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