Fools and Stress

So here we are, April Fool’s Day.  I just read an article on my local tv website that had me shaking my head.  It was a very brief note about the Conficker virus (something getting massive press right now).  I appreciate them addressing the issue and warning folks about it, however, what drove me completely insane as I was reading the article were the following items:




(These are cited directly out of the article, however I’m not linking to it because I don’t want to add traffic to the thing.)

Note to the author of that article…. STOP IT!  It’s either five thousand or 5,000.  Same for fifteen hundred or 1,500, as well as ten thousand or 10,000.

It’s bugging the crap out of me.

Anyway, I was going to go running this morning but something (or several somethings) makes that unlikely.  I need to get the baby ready to go with gramma and I need to get up to Health & Welfare to drop off paperwork for Mie Mie’s family.  Already, without even being out of my jammies yet, I can see that my day is going to evaporate in a series of “must do” items.

So anyone who might be thinking of working some Fool joke on me?  Be warned – I’ve got a lot on my plate for today and I’m still tired.  You might think twice about it.

I’m just sayin’.

  • **

I attempted to work on the “special” homework/projects with Bren last night.  Mental note: Do not attempt when fighting a massive headache.  It did not go well.  The instructions we received from the g/t teacher did not really tell us much about how we were supposed to go about showing him how to do things.  Even worse, I felt like I just wasn’t expressing it very well.  I was trying to explain to him about a map and legend.  It was not translating well.  I need to show him other maps…

But what this did for me is lead me to question if he (ie, we) are ready for this.  Does he fall into some No-Man’s Land between regular kindergarten and the g/t program?  Or is it a case of us being busy and time-deprived so that we aren’t doing what’s right for him and taking the time to go over it slowly.  This is new to him.  Those behaviors he picked up through the course of kindergarten are really set-in.  He hasn’t had to truly work to learn something in over a year…  now we’re asking him to go back to that.

I don’t know.  I look at the mess in the house (chaos that crept in over the last four days due to sleep deprivation, time deprivation and a general post-stressful week malaise).  How are any of us supposed to feel open to learning and creativity in a mess like this?  There are papers, dishes, and general clutter everywhere.  It makes me feel blue and grumpy, all at the same time.

And how do I know that I’m really stressed?  My skin has broken out into rebellion and I look like a teenager.  How it is possible to have simultaneously dry skin AND acne is beyond my comprehension.

So, before I have to close and get the baby ready…  I have this to say….  Things need to be easier.  Todd needs to leave that job so he can get proper rest.

The headaches need to stop.

The house needs to be clean so I can stop feeling off-kilter.

The small children need to give mum and dad a wee break.  Yeah.  That’ll happen.  But it doesn’t hurt to toss it out there into the ether.

Time to dress the small fry and give him his morning cuddles.  I’ll figure this all out later.



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