This is what I’m talking about…

More on the adventure in “tennis” with Bren.

My son cracks me up.  He’s such a funny kid, even when he doesn’t mean to be.  I think I’ll live longer because of my boys.

My mum told me that Grandpa Dan was out of the house like a shot today, in order to get his “Big Guy” aka Aidan Gene.  This is the grandpa that was a Marine in the past.  He’s a tough guy who doesn’t take crap from people.  At the same time, he’s the devoted grandpa that gets to cuddle with the toddler most weekday mornings.

I think that says it all about how we wear different hats, huh?

I’m sitting here, taking a break from editing the new nursing program handbook for the college we’re transitioning into.  I offered to do it because I really like the soon-t0-be Chair of the program and the other woman who teaches in it.  They are fantastic and, as I’ve noted to myself in the past, I’d work for them in a heartbeat.  They have the best energy.

Anyway, this handbook is approximately 51 pages, although there’s a good portion of it that contains duplicate forms for the future students to keep.  I’m having fun with this.  I suspect that they didn’t know what they were getting into when they decided to have me look it over.  I’ve got “scritchy” marks on every single page.  But given that this is for the highly popular, extremely competitive nursing program… I think it needs to be tight.

Still waiting on my midterm grade.  I know I need to be patient… but it’s so hard.  I just want to know and then I can continue on with my work.  Oh crap…  It’s after 4pm.  I suppose I need to wrap up my editing and get ready to close up shop.

One final note… I’m dead tired.  I feel like I’ve been run over.  I don’t think I’ve been drinking enough water.  I get busy and I forget.

I know.  Bad.  Bad, bad, bad Shannon.


And I’m supposed to be the MOM.



One thought on “This is what I’m talking about…

  1. Most grandpas are mush when it comes to their grandkids. My grandpa was the silent, strong, airforce type, but boy, we had him wrapped around our fingers. Well, I did because I was the only girl.

    Totally cool that you’re doing something you enjoy, no matter how many scritchy marks it takes.

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