I’m in between two things that I need to do and all I can think is how hungry I am.  I know I need to study….  I can feel the tug that says I need to get it done.  I know I need to make these copies and drop this packet in the mail, but again… my brain has been short-circuited.  I keep thinking about hotdogs.  I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why I want a hotdog, but there it is…

Got some studying for my midterm done last night.  Slept hard, thinking about debits, credits, and annual reports.

I have a lot percolating in my brain today and not all of it is accounting.  I’m debating emailing the “big boss” and asking him about what he has planned for me when the transition happens.  On the other hand, he’s busy.  Is it a bad thing to keep quiet or is it a bad thing to poke at the situation a bit?  Not sure.

I’d love to say I had brilliant things to write today, but the fact is that I’ve had a tiny bit of coffee and some really nice hot chocolate, so I’m sugar-hyper and unable to think about much (coherently) except for the yearnings of my stomach.

Why is it that I don’t get cravings for vegetables?


I did get my weekly assignments done yesterday and felt good about how it went.  Now I’m facing the review for the midterm.


Just got some good news via email.  The training we were looking at doing all day on Friday fell through.  YES!  I hadn’t canceled my massage yet… as there was this small shading of doubt hanging over it.  Now I’m glad that I had the foresight to NOT cancel.  Nice.


OK.  I give up.  Time to eat.  Then I can use remainder of lunch time to write out study cards and drink lots of water.

My last tutoring session is tonight and we’re capping it off by setting the family up with a donated computer.  Todd is graciously (ie, I begged him) going to set it up for them.  I’m really excited for them.  🙂

Cheers from hyperactive, spaz-woman…



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