Midterm nudges

I have to take my midterm this week.  I also have the material for this week, plus the learning modules, AND a recruitment roster to review.  I’m supposed to start working out this week (again) and I have food issues going on with my oldest.

I woke up this morning, before the alarm, I might add, and I hit a wall.  I didn’t expect it but there it was… large (to the sky) and magnificent.  My routine has been thrown off and I’m out of it.  I just pulled up the rec center schedule for this, our university’s spring break, and yes… the pool is open.  It’s just a bit later than I had expected.  But I need some quiet time to study…  So do I go in, swim and then go to work?  Or do I gather my things, take a quick shower and head in to use the quiet time to get moving on this week’s heavy load?

Disconcerting, as I’m usually so decisive about the day-to-day things.  Not right now.  I feel the tension in my teeth and the stiffness in my neck.  I know that what would be best for me is the swim.  I need it.  I need to stop putting my health on the back-burner.  Even just writing that out helps me to recognize the tension and tightness in my right shoulder or how I’m sitting poorly.

And on that note, I’ll get my stuff together and do both… swim and study.  And do my job.  And be home tonight to continue the juggling of studying and small children.  Todd might take them out with him tonight.  I hope so.  I could use 3 hours of quiet concentration.

Welcome to the brain of a mom/student/wife/employee.  Fun, isn’t it?



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