Sunday with Meet the Press

Yeah.  I’m a glutton for punishment.  But this one is interesting.  This is tough, too.

I really agree with the group of three who are on first.   Two governors (Rep and Dem) and the Mayor of New York.  We have to deal with our infrastructure.  It’s not an optional thing.  We haven’t done enough to keep it going over the last several decades and now, in the midst of many crises, it’s cropping up.  But it could be a good part of the solution to the jobs situation (and note, I say PART)…

Now they’re talking about the populist (ie, normal folks all around the country like me) anger about the AIG bonuses.  My accounting instructor made some pointed and interesting comments about the anger against those bonuses in our class discussion.  It’s one unit of AIG, not the whole company.

I understand that,  but I think if it’s going to be ok to reward people who fail (and those who received the bonuses were a part of the failing unit), then there is something seriously wrong with the system.  It creates a failing of confidence in those of us out here who don’t get to function under those rules.  It smells like a dirty dog who rolled in dead skunk.

“Being optimistic doesn’t cost you a dime…”  – Bloomberg.  Waneted to note that comment, since that’s kind of where I am now.  I’ve been living with a lot of anger over things that have been happening for a long time now.  I finally realized that I have to start looking to where small shoots of green are cropping up.  Yes, most of the financial landscape still looks blighted, but there ARE small changes.  Will they be enough?  I don’t know.  I couldn’t begin to guess.

I’m just tired of the endless bad news.  I’m tired of the finger-pointing and blaming.  I’m tired of worrying each day about whether or not my friends and family are going to hang on to their jobs.

Yesterday, I had to go up to our big regional mall to cash in a rewards certificate with Macy’s.  I needed a couple things that I’ve been putting off, so I went up there.  (on a side note, it sucked.  Being overweight and needing to try on clothes is like being poked in the eye with a stick).  The parking lot was PACKED.  It was insane.  I haven’t seen it like that in a long, long time.  I think it was close to the Christmas levels.  I wanted to stop a couple folks and say “What recession??”

In a sad twist of irony, I have to go back up there today too.  Blech.  I hate crowds.  Oh boy, do I hate crowds and I hate shopping (right now, talk to me when I’m small again and I’ll change that tune a bit).  But I need a couple things and have to do it.  Plus I got this crazy good coupon that’s good from 3pm-9pm tonight….  Todd will be up late afternoon, so I’ll get up there and do what I need to do… sigh…


Bren is making me nuts.  He is about to be in a bunch of trouble.  I guess I need to stop writing and deal with him.  It’s not going to be pleasant.  I’m really getting ticked off.  Joy.  Just what I need.

Time to go.



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