one thing done, 5 million left

Bren’s assessments are done.  The meeting with the coordinator is done.  He achieved the level he needed for the full-time program this next year.  He’ll be doing the pull-out program on Thursday afternoons for the rest of this school year.

“We” have homework for this next week….  A Descartes word search… origami cube… learning some bones of the body….  learning the steps (a reduced version) of the scientific method… and drawing a map with legend.

Todd & I actually had a lesson with the G/T teacher on how to do the origami.

See?  You learn something new every day!!  🙂


So.  What I realized as we were sitting there?  HOLY CRAP! I HAVE  LOT TO REFRESH ON!  Todd actually groaned when she told us she’s teaching the kids about Venn diagrams.  I almost snorted.

Toto… we’re not in Kindergarten anymore.

Speaking as a sometimes slacker parent, regular kindergarten is WAY easier on the parents than this will be.  Speaking as the mom who almost wants to cry because her son would have LOVED being in there this last few months?  This is SO cool!

This is just the first step forward.  I have to say, we couldn’t have done it without Bren’s kindergarten teacher.   If he returns to that excitement about school that he had before, I will be happy for him.  If he gets to explore things that make him go “Wow!” – I will be happy for him.

If he get’s to learn new things in an environment that encourages his exploration – I will consider myself a very lucky mum.

You know what gives me shivers?  This was all dependent on the IQ test and those points are what allowed him to get these services.  I’m ambivalent about that aspect…  and some day, maybe I’ll address that ambivalence.  Right now, I’m just relieved that we have an answer and can begin to move forward.

Signing off as one happy mum,


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