Blech, but some good news…

First the bad:  steroids suck.  I’m speaking of the legal kind, though, just to be clear.  Doc’s office put me on them (burst and taper).  This is definitely a not-so-fun “cure” for the headaches.  Crossing fingers that it works.

Now the good: We’re meeting with Bren’s school this afternoon at 2pm.  Glad I was the persistent mom and emailed the coordinator.  I’m already forming a back-up plan if they say he isn’t eligible for services.  That’s me…. the anal-retentive planner.  sigh…

I showed my husband the fail blog posting I put up a day or two ago.  He got a good chuckle over it.  He KNOWS if he ever told me something like that, he’d be in big trouble.  Actually, I can’t imagine him ever telling me something was “my job”…  He’d probably do the duck-and-cover right after he said it.

I’m at work, but I have to be honest, I’m queasy from the medication, my head still hurts, and I’m tired.  I figure they’re going to get about 15% from me today.  BUT – if the steroids work, I’m planning to put in extra time next week and give a little back to my co-workers who have been taking good care of me.  I may bitch and moan about my job, but I have the best bunch of people to work with.  We’re like a strange little family.

So I was thinking about that… which would I rather have?  (Bren and I play this game all the time!)

– Fantastic co-workers and a job that is mind-numbing

– Fantastic job and mind-numbing co-workers

Hmmm….  Well, if it were a perfect world, which it’s not even close to being, I’d want fantastic BOTH.

Still… I think the wonderful group of people wins out.  Job duties ebb and flow.  But if you work with good people, it can make being at work just a bit better.


Back to the headaches.  It’s weird.  I honestly think it’s nothing more worrisome than stress.  Yes, it’s crummy that they’ve lasted this long, but hell… I’m maxed out as far as I can be right now.  What do I expect?  Plus, and this makes me cringe to admit it – I’m not a “spring chicken” anymore.  What a funny expression, but it’s the truth.  In less than 2 months I turn 40.  I am neither the figure of fitness, nor am I the figure of nutritional health.

Treat your body like I do and you, too, can enjoy saggy body and mind-numbing headaches.  Tsk.

If I were the grown-up me talking to the child-like me…. I’d say, “Well, Shannon [head shake, slowly, side to side], this is what happens when you don’t take care of yourself.”  I’m sure we can all imagine the smug, parental tone in that comment, right?


Todd’s gift to me is that he is going to brave DMV today and get the registration handled on the small car.  What a good guy.  🙂

Well, I’m about out of brain power for the moment.  My eyes feel like two pee-holes in a snowbank and my tummy is doing the hoochie-coochie dance of blechiness.  (Say that fast a couple times… it’s fun, trust me)

Cheers on this beautiful spring day,


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