And now for bedtime…

Saw the doc.  Before we get to CAT scan worry, I’m trying steroids.  I have Darvocet to keep the pain manageable.

I have faith that eradicating some of the stress from my life will turn things around.

That’s the theory.  I’m getting my #1 honey to register the little car that did not sell so I can drive early, early, early onto campus and do my swim/workout.  I can’t do anything about the stress of work/school/home – so I’m going to cut down salt and start working out.  I’ve got the medication to start killing the headache and I’ll try to do some good things nutrition-wise, so I can drop weight and maybe get my health going in the right direction.

My blood-pressure was up, even though it was still in the good range… it’s never that high for me unless I’m preggers, so I realized today I have to quit ignoring my health.

Bren and I got out tonight and had some mum and eldest son time.  I liked it…  He asked for it and it was so sweet, being out on a little mini-date with one of my guys.  Now if only dad and I could get some time together.  Perhaps we can between my classes?

Well… it’s time for bed.  Early to bed and all that stuff…  I have a cute little guy cuddling on my lap and I have comfy jammies just waiting for me.

I learned one thing today – take care of yourself.  As mom, little people need you.   Nothing is gained putting up with pain.

off I go…. Cheers,


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