Back to work – or: It’s Just One of Those Days

I’m still battling the headache but I have things that MUST be accomplished at work today, so here I am.  I’m a bit disconnected, so this post may end up reflecting that.  I’m already experiencing difficulty typing… that kind of says it all.

(in other words, watch out for typos because I’m not quite on top of things)

*** I finished writing that and suddenly, without expecting it, I had nothing more.  Weird.  But even having writer’s block… or blogger’s block, as the case may be, well that’s a topic in itself.

A friend commented to me that he thought this was good therapy.  Funny thing about that.  He’s right, of course.  This IS good therapy.  I know a lot of us out here blog away, content to spill our inner-workings in public.  My mum says it’s like running down main street in your underwear.  I think it’s more a case of sharing what our experiences in the hopes that some other folks out here will say, “Yeah.  I know what you mean.”  Instead of puddling along, all alone in our day-to-day routine, we have the chance to commiserate with others.

It’s kind of like living in an old-fashioned neighborhood where everyone leans over the fence, swapping recipes, stories about their kids, and maybe, once in a while, just having a good cry over the things that life dumps on you.

I’ve told my husband, time and again, that I wish we lived in a neighborhood like that… one where you could visit and share.  Well, busy lives and moving and all the other crap that comes up have made it so this is a different world…  But then it hits me that yes, blogging IS my way of leaning over that virtual fence.

I need to feel connected with other people.  I may not have a lot of time for getting off my routine of school, home, and work, so that I can go “hang” out…  but I can email.  I can blog.  I can post a picture or laugh about something someone wrote on a social networking site.  Yes, direct contact is a great thing and when Todd & I are out of school, I promise to be better about it.  For now though?  I’m good with just having this human connection via a string of electronic signals (simplistic description, but you know what I mean).

So is it good therapy?  Oh hell yeah.  When one of my blogger-friends or real-life friends comments back… it gives me a great feeling.  When I read a story or comment or note that someone else has posted, I feel like I’ve just gotten a handwritten letter that I can treasure.  Maybe it’s counter to that in-person feeling, but it’s truly does mean something to me and it has value.

I hope some day I’ll get to meet some of you.  For now, I just look forward to your stories, your shared happiness and sadness, your writing and your poetry… and yes, the rants/raves/pictures/art/recipes… and all of it.  It’s not just the words.  It’s the connection.

For now… break-time is over.  Back to shuffling papers and attempts to be a productive team member.



One thought on “Back to work – or: It’s Just One of Those Days

  1. I LOVE the idea of running down Main Street in our undies…let’s make a date!!! 😉 Great post, you are right on…won’t you be my neighbor?

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