Mum taken down by small child…

yep.  I love my son, but what is up with coughing RIGHT IN MY FACE?

He will pay when he’s a teenager.  Actually, Todd and I are saving up quite a few items for retribution around the time that he’s 15-16 or so.

I’m home today.  I’m going to sleep.  I’m going to drink juice.  I’m going to be wimpy… all by myself, alone in the house.  It’s almost worth being sick, isn’t it?

I’m registered for May session now.  Intermediate Accounting 1 and Information Systems for Financial Examiners (or some such name).  I’ve also got my preferred classes for July on note with my advisor.  We went over the credits I’ll be doing and if I can keep up with two classes per session, I’ll graduate June 2010.

I guess that’s the big question, isn’t it?  Can I handle two classes at a time?  If I do it, the sacrifice of time with my boys will be shorter.  I keep telling myself that quick and hard is better than dragging it out and making them deal with the time issue over a two year period.

I’d have to say that my friends will need to understand too.  This is so important… I’d like to think that those who understand will hang in there with me while I get through it.

In Economics there is something called “Opportunity Cost” and it essentially says that when you use your resources for one thing, they aren’t available for another.  I’ve always appreciated this concept, but living it is a tough thing.  Each moment of your day becomes a slight mental fight – this thing or that?

Slightly more than a year.  I can do this.  I can do it successfully and I can make it up to my kids when it’s all done.


My plan for today is to get healthy (come hell or highwater, thanks much) and do what I can to alleviate the sleep debt.  I need to study today.  This is tough material this week.  I think my brain felt bruised yesterday…  Inventory Valuation and Multistep Income Statements.  (I can feel my audience’s eyes glazing over, even as I write this).  I need to find an undergrad text that covers accounting principles in “duh-head” fashion, so I can add another POV to my studies.  The way my current text addressed FIFO and LIFO actually had me confused for a bit and I’ve studied these concepts in the past, so I was surprised. When I realized that it was one little word – Ending – that was causing me issues, I was able to resolve it.

Still, it’s some tough stuff.  I need to be sure that I understand what I’m doing with it.


Well, that’s it.  I’m done.  The boys are getting ready to leave.  I need some rest.

I’m thinking of getting little tiny hazmat suits for my kids… they get sick, in they go.  Kidding… really…  I’ll wear one.

I know.  Bad Mommy.  Tsk.  This is what happens when you get over-tired and punchy.  A hot cup of tea is calling my name.  I wish I had a cinnamon bun.  When I was working at my tutoring session last night, we read a book called “The Animal’s Picnic” and it had cinnamon buns…. I can’t stop thinking about them.  Beats inventory valuation any day!

Cheers and stay healthy,


2 thoughts on “Mum taken down by small child…

  1. I hope you feel better soon. You’re classes look just crazy to me! (of course, I’m just too right brained for that stuff) Good luck. You’ll do awesome.

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