Several hours down…. more to go!

I’m home from tutoring.  Bren’s doing better, but tonight will be the double-check.  The hacking cough is hanging around… I’m betting it’ll be a part of our lives for a week or two (or three?).

I studied for hours today and I’ve only got, oh… several more to do.  I did a good job today… balancing school and sick child.  Now I’m starting to get the scratchy throat and I’m hoping that it’s due to the lack of sleep last night, not the fact that Brennan has coughed right in my face several times… sigh….

I’ve done my tutoring reporting, so now I can get back to discussion postings and some more reading.  Tired.  That’s me.

And now Thunderpants wants me to read a story…. Story wins.



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