It’s Friday and possibilities are waiting.

Not only is it Friday, so I feel excited about being home with my family this weekend, but it’s also the end of my second week of class.  Some of the concepts are sinking in hard and fast… some take a bit longer to wrap my head around.  I need to make some “flash” (ha, what a concept) cards so I can continue to review the materials.  I also need to work through some of the problems and review the materials from the last two weeks.

Work is weird today.  One of our staff is off for a vacation day and that is leaving us really crunched.  It makes me leery about working on my homework and yet I’ve already tackled my outstanding items for today.  I feel like I’m in a bit of limbo because of this.

Even worse, I have a lot of work to do for my class so I can feel the pressure to work on it.

It’s that “push-me, pull-you” effect again.

Things I’m learning this week:


-ledger posting

-adjusting entries

-accruals and prepaids

-trial balance and adjusted trial balance

-closing out a fiscal year

and my favorite concept: Debits and Credits.  Now that I’ve adjusted my thinking to them being left-side or right-side entries only (with either being able to increase or decrease an account, based on the normal balance of the account itself), I’m feeling better about things.  I don’t feel the urge to beat myself into the ground about Cash being a Debit normal balance account.

Amazing what a few days’ study will do for you.

Finding good, stimulating and yet “relevant to my level of study” articles has turned into a challenge.  I’m trying to get away from hinky websites and get some solid reading material.  This is a toughie.  And yes, that’s a technical term that applies in graduate school… trust me.

Found a great discussion thread on Inktopia’s blog.  If you’re interested in “meaning” versus “interpretation”, check out her blog.  (Kari and Ann – this means you both, for sure)

I dipped my toes into that discussion pond and I was likely off from her initial theme and topic, but I found the comments SO interesting, I just had to take part.  It made me realize that I miss good dialog in a face-to-face class.  I wish I could get that during this degree program, but I have to face reality here.  I need to be efficient and effective in my learning.  I have a family that is depending on me to get through this and to be successful in doing so.

I’ll make myself this promise, then, as a sop to my hunger for good exchanges of ideas…  Get through the degree – get a good job – and THEN you may join a reading group or take a face-to-face class at the graduate level.  I promise.

For now, though, I need to figure out a way to be a force for improving the quality of our discussion thread conversations in my class.  It’s difficult.  Some folks do a great job of the “back and forth” that should be a part of our class and some are not grasping the concept.  The professor did a great job presenting the “how” of a good discussion thread and even has been providing good feedback to us, designed to keep us on task…  Sadly, some are still not getting it.

And it makes it even more difficult for those of us who DO get it to do it properly.  I want to.  I’m driven to do it… and yet, finding a way to deepen the discussion is REALLY difficult.  Is it the material?  Perhaps.

Well.  I’m going to finish some mind-numbing paperwork and then I’m hopefully going to be ready for some lunch.  Perhaps I’ll figure out how to be a better contributor to this class.  I sure do love the material we’re covering!  (And that’s a great, great, great thing!)

Reveling in Nerd-dom,


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