and this is some funny stuff, too…

This is funny.  I found this person on Twitter and I find her absolutely hilarious to read.  She reminds me of the weird/strange things I thought and wrote when I was in my 20’s – pre-husband, children days.  I read this bit about her dog and had that uncomfortable twinge of sympathy as we have a wonderful, lovely, loving dog named Danny and he too would ride the same bus as her dog.

Still.  I love our dog dearly.  I wish we were better for him.  I think we’re like the ice-cream and Cheetos version of a family for him, rather than the broccoli and lean proteins version.

But the baby adores him and Danny is so sweet – waiting by the front door when the baby leaves.

In honor of our Danny and the ridiculous things he does… read, and enjoy, Frosting’s funny bit about her dog.



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