Weird days start in weird ways

I’m not even sure where to begin.  I’m a bit out of it today.  To follow a great night’s sleep with the restlessness of last night is sad and pathetic.  My sinuses are messed up again and I think that had something to do with it.  It’s a theory, anyway.

I woke up this morning, fatigued and faintly grumpy.  I didn’t feel rested but I knew that sleeping in wouldn’t make a difference.  We got ourselves ready this morning, but I think all three of us (Todd, me, and Bren – baby had already left with gramma) were slightly off.

Now that I’m at work, it feels like it’s even worse.  My head hurts.  My stomach is upset.  My teeth hurt (from the sinus pressure) and I want a hose to clear out my head.

Because of the way my day has started, the rest feels slightly *off*…  I’m disconnected and I feel like my routine is disrupted.  I’ve already warned my officemates that I’m feeling really bitchy because of my head.  I figured forewarned is definitely fore-armed in this instance.


I really hope today doesn’t turn into one of those days where I should have stayed home in bed.  It feels like it’s verging on that, but I hope it’s just crazy paranoia.


Someone forwarded an email to me called “Why boys need parents.”  Some of the pictures in that thing were hilarious.  I’m attempting to load them into this posting…  wish me luck.  (and all I have to say is, it’s not a stretch to see my boys – especially my youngest – doing some of these things!)


Crap… managed to block the gallery and now I can’t “unblock” it.  I’ll work on this later when I’m not so freaking grumpy.  Seriously…  what a stupid thing….


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