Accounting Nerd

I have turned into an Accounting Nerd.  I am enjoying reading articles about accounting principles and auditing. 

I’d like to add a caveat to this… I still like to collect skull t-shirts and I still like to go out dancing (and yes, I actually have rhythm).

It hit me today, as I was doing class discussion postings and reading an article on “improper revenue recognition”…  I am such a nerd.  I’d say geek, but that’s at least a fun person to be around.  I highly doubt that my current status qualifies me as such.

I can imagine the rolling of the eyes and the gritting of the teeth that would happen if I tried to share my enthusiasm over this material.  Almost as good as when Todd goes on and on about wave forms.  Oh wait!  Did I say that aloud???

Just kidding honey.  Kind of.

If there was any residual doubt left in my mind about whether or not this was a good major choice for me, my new-found enjoyment for reading field-specific articles has put that to rest.  I DID NOT enjoy my library readings in the same way.  Rather revealing, don’t you think?

What I DO miss about my library classes are the people.  I miss Susan and Patty and even, bless her heart, Jaylene.  I miss the quiet time in Portland.  I miss the train.  I miss eating at the neat places over there.  I don’t miss the hectic schedule or the time away from my sweet boys.  That first weekend away was very emotional for me.

I’ve come to accept my new Nerd status and I think I’m good with it.  It comes on the heels of the discovery that I can no longer wear my contacts and read (either books or computer screens).  That one was a shocker and it makes me feel old.  Well.  Crap.  My 40th birthday is in slightly over 2 months.  Does that qualify me as old?

Status check:

Do I feel old?  At 4am, when I can’t sleep I feel old… but no, I really don’t.

Do I look old?  Depends on who’s doing the looking…  my six year old would say yes.  Most don’t say that to me, but maybe… who knows?

Do I care if I look old?  Well.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  Mostly I’m just tired of being pudgy.  But the “looking old” thing is really just relative to those around me and I’m pretty happy with where I fit in the scheme of things.

So… I guess my answer is:  I’m doing fine.  I could do without the back pain and I could do with 50 lbs less of me, but other than that I’m ok.  Being blind as a bat has been my status since I was 9 years old, so I’ve had 30 years to get used to it. 

I’ll have to ponder whether or not it seems like a cliche that I’m blind as a bat and I love accounting.  I have this image in my mind of a small, round mole-like man, peering at ledgers.


At least I’ve still got my skull t-shirts and my pink and red skull flats.

Signing off…
moonfire (the massively un-cool)


3 thoughts on “Accounting Nerd

    • Thank you – I feel honored and accept this new status with great happiness. (yeah… I’m a goober… I admit it.)

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