What a little sleep can do…

I went to bed really early last night (must have been between 6 and 7pm).  I got up, no problem at all, at 5:30 this morning.  I feel so much better – almost like a new woman!

It’s a good thing too, because I have a lot of studying to do (the usual) and more prep-work for tonight’s tutoring sessions.  I have a big, giant carrot for the kids tonight… they’re coming over to my house on Saturday for games, movie, pizza and popcorn.  I’m down to only doing these fun weekends at my place every other Saturday now, due to my school schedule.  I have to be realistic with them…

Yesterday I got a lot of studying done, although I was so fatigued, I’m concerned about how much actually penetrated my exhaustion.  We’ll see.  Today is the test of that time spent yesterday.  I am going to finish the third “Mastery Module” for this week and I’m going to do double postings in both discussion threads.  I pulled some good articles off a business database through our academic library and I’m going to continue searching for outside information.  I want to have a firm A before I go into the comprehensive final at the end of the 8 weeks.

So today and tomorrow will be reinforcing the material for this week.  Friday will be a review of the materials from last week and then Saturday, after fun time with the kids, I’ll begin reading next week’s materials so I can do my first postings on Sunday.


On the family front, Brennan had the second half of the IQ test yesterday.  He liked it and his feedback was kind of funny.  He said it went well and it sounded like he had fun with it.  I wish I knew when we’d be hearing back and when we could have the appointment with the school.  I know… patience… but it has been such a long wait to get something moving for him.  He’s so hungry to get new information and he just wants to get going.  Waiting isn’t just hard on us, it’s hard on him.

Luckily, he’s in “pill” stage right now and that’s keeping the focus on home life.  It’s like he has ants in his pants lately.  If I’m lucky, and the weather is nice this weekend, I’m going to take the kids to the park on Sunday and let them go nuts.  It’s supposed to be in the 50’s, so that’d be perfect (well, without rain, anyway).

Now… the big sigh inducing issue that I’m facing.  My weight is up.  Not a little bit, either.  It’s hard.  I can focus on one or two things and do well, but add in several others like finances, housework, fitness… all that, and I begin to feel overwhelmed.  I had planned to bring a healthy lunch this morning – seriously – but in the rush to get out the door, I forgot.  AGAIN.  I have wonderful, healthy (and tasty) soup… fresh oranges… and what do I do?  I forget it all.  ARGH!

I need two brains… one to keep me on task for higher level needs and one to take care of basics… like eating… exercising… that stuff.

And on a final note, I was getting the baby ready to go this morning and I had just given him his milk, when I asked him if he’d like to cuddle.  I got the big head shake (no) because he wanted to cuddle the dog instead.  I got passed over for the dog.

That sucks.

The dog wasn’t even interested in cuddling.  He wanted me to pet him.  I obliged and felt like telling Aidan, “See?  Someone wants me.”

But there’s just no arguing with toddlers, is there?

Ok.  Time to check on work status, pull out the reading materials and knock out the final module for this week.  Then it’s listening to the lecture from last night and prepping some problems.

Work is in a slow (ie, dead) time, so I need to take advantage of the “hurry up and wait” while I can.  It’ll be back to insanely busy next week…

Cheers from the well-rested moonfire


2 thoughts on “What a little sleep can do…

  1. Don’t you hate being passed over. I think I’ve slipped to number four on the list. Hang in there. Mybe you could get your lunch ready the night before and leave a note for yourself by your purse. I leave lots of notes for myself.

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