Monday – really? Already??

Why is time so relative?  The week drags and the weekend skips by in fleeting moments.

So.  I had wonderful cuddles with a very tired baby this morning.  Should I stop calling him the “baby”?  I look at pictures of Brennan at this age and he looked like a little boy.  Aidan still looks like a baby, with his fluffy hair and his sweet face.  Perhaps it’s simply the contrast… big brother with little brother.

Or not.

Anyway, I had wonderful cuddles this morning.  He snuggled and stretched, trying to wake up and at the same time wanting to stay close to mum’s warmth.  I guess that’s the nice part about an icy morning.

Gramma Donna came in this morning and shared her sad news.  She had to let her elderly kitty, Tinkerbell, go last night.  We shared a hug and some tears.  Tink had a previous life, with another family.  Mum and I went up to the Humane Society in 1998… mum had seen a “last chance” kitty on the news or in the paper.  We got up there just minutes before they were going to shut the doors, on the last day that last chance kitty was going to have… and mum got her “Baby” kitty, Ratty.  But at the same time this other kitty was being dropped off by her family.  She was a big red girl with attitude to spare and the family was dropping her off after having her for 7 years… due to allergies.  It still strikes me as a weird, rather heartless thing to do, but you just never know.

Anyway – Todd and I ended up with a kitty named Stir Fry and Mum went home with Ratty and Tink.  It was meant to be.

Now Ratty is alone.  She and Tink fought like sisters (or worse, sometimes) for all these years, but they still stuck together when it was all said and done.  Tink was 17… she was sick and finally her old body was giving out.  I know mum did the most loving thing she could, but I also know how much it hurts.

So I’m sending thoughts of peace to Tink and lots of hugs of comfort to mum and Ratty.

I suppose it’s time for me to get up, get Bren going and try to feel like it’s time to start my day.  I’d rather stay home and do some studying in the peace and quiet.  Oh well…  time for my day to begin.



2 thoughts on “Monday – really? Already??

  1. I just love cuddling with my boys. It’s such a nice wake up. I’m sorry for your mother’s loss. It’s hard to lose a friend, no matter what species.

  2. I fell in love with a cat in a photograph with tiny tabby face, huge ears and big green eyes. As I was waiting to adopt Ratty, I spotted this poor overweight, terrified, dark orange cat on a counter. I thought she was being adopted. Unh, unh. Some thoughtless morons were dumping her off at the shelter – the cat, an elderly spaniel and a rabbit – with the excuse of allergies that they’d known about for years. How could I not save Tinkerbell from that awful family and take her home?

    So this terrified cat ended up in a strange household with other cats and slowly became my very good friend. She went from grossly overweight to relatively slim, from gold eyed to green (when did that change take place?), from terrified to just plain bitchy. When she was still allowed outside, she played tricks on my neighbors with the main theme always “poor helpless kitty stuck in a tree”. Someone always fell for it. Thank heavens they knocked on my door instead of calling the firemen. My lovely old girl – I miss her.

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