Snowy day

It’s cold… and wet… and snowy…

What happened to my spring weather???

Quick update and then I’m back to studying.  I didn’t get an interview for the job I had applied for.  That’s life.  No worries.  I’m better off at my current job, anyway.  I can study when things are slow and I have good people to work with that I love.  Things are weird and frustrating there, but, like a dysfunctional family, they are mine.

I imagine many days of frustration ahead of me and I know I’ll have a ton of studying and work to do.  I’m in a program that I really like and I actually think it’s a fantastic fit for me.   I suspect that I’m going to end up a big fan of Keller and DeVry.  I’ve been in traditional academia for so long, I’ve forgotten that there are other avenues to education.  Maybe I didn’t necessarily understand that a 100% online/distance degree had value to equal that of brick & mortar, but I’m sold on it now.  The format is sleek and efficient.    The expectations are clearly delineated.

And worst case on the employment front, I stay with my current job… get the full Master’s degree and then I apply like hell to get into something that pays better than my current spot.

Time to study.  No point in just talking about what the future holds.  I need to be working toward making it happen.



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