paying the price today because I was out last night

I took off for 2 hours last night and went to “Drag Queen Bingo.”  I personally think that there’s no better way to experience Bingo than having a drag queen who looks about 6 1/2 feet tall in heels pull the numbers.  She was fantastic and the banter made for a fun escape.  Naturally I lost every game because of the Mahoney Curse (something about one of Todd’s ancestors pissing off a leprechaun, or some such thing), but I still had fun.

I’m paying for it today – and no, I didn’t have a drink…  I knew that no drink was worth how awful it would make me feel today (or even last night) – I had a Shirley Temple, somehow apropos of Drag Queen Bingo, at least in my estimation.  I’m paying for my evening of being out until… gasp… 9:30.  Yes.  I was out from 7:30 to 9:30.  And I’m dead tired today.

I had a lot of fun with my dear friend, Helen, and a friend of hers that I now think of as a friend of mine, Michelle.  Helen is one of those friends that I think of as a sympathetic spirit.  We are both *stuck* in administrative support positions that seriously underutilize our brains – but circumstances and … well, shelter/food/paying bills, all this mean that it is unlikely to change for either of us for a while.  I call it the Black Hole of Administrative Support.  Hapless folks trapped in that vortex are variously known as peon, proles, office grunt, office slave… well… you get the idea.

So escaping my rather rigid routine and going out last night felt simultaneously good AND guilt-inducing.  I interpreted the look on the baby’s face, as I was leaving, as one of “What the hell?  You just GOT here… and now you’re leaving me?”

But I needed this.  I needed witty banter with adult women in a non-home environment.  I needed to hear the jokes and the drag queen criticisms of the skinny blonde chicks who kept winning (we were all thinking it and my favorite line was “AND I suspect you don’t take your breasts off at night!”).

I’m dragging (hah! no pun intended, but boy that worked well!) my ass today…  I’m tired and feel like I’ve been run over.  The only true negative is the fact that my one good coat for this weather reeks of cigarette (bah) smoke.  Ick.  Big ick.  Oh and Minerva?  Our HOSTESS WITH PLENTIFUL MOSTNESS?  She was amazing.  She kept up her patter like a pro and I’d miss some of it, but for the most part I kept getting lost in what she was saying and forgetting to listen for the numbers.

Oh!  Helen got bangs cut into her hair and it looked fantastic and this is (for me) on the heels of my reading a magazine article online about how bangs can make a blah hairstyle look great.  Well, she was living proof (N OT that her previous hairstyle was blah – NO – just that it made a huge and striking difference that stunned me, ok??).  It was amazing how it changed her whole look.  Keep in mind, I’m not great with this stuff.  I sometimes wonder if, when they were handing out “girl knowledge”, if perhaps I wasn’t in another line getting seconds on something like “impatience” or “how to solve a logic puzzle”…  I’m just not all that great at girl stuff and sometimes I feel incredibly awkward.  That’s not to say I should have been a man…  NO WAY.  I’m a woman and glad of it.  I just don’t do well at certain things.  Anyway – minor digression there – Helen looks great.  It hit me that it’s been 2 1/2 months since I had my hair cut and just as long as I’ve dealt with my color.

Time for some Shannon-Maintenance.  Oy.

Was it worth it, going out last night and feeling dead-tired today?  Yeah, it was.  I heard song… I blabbed too long about our situation with Brennan…  Helen got to vent about her miserable situation… there were drinks, even if mine was a Shirley Temple (which normally I couldn’t order with a straight face).  If there had been food it would have been perfect.  Ok.  Maybe not perfect, but you get my drift.

It’s time to surface and get moving.  I tutor tonight, so I’ll be busy, busy, busy.  It didn’t go great on Monday, but I think today we can do better.  That’s how it goes sometimes.  On days and off days.

As for other things?  Work is… well, work is just that – work.  School seems to be going ok, although I have a lot of problems to work over so that I can get the information to more firmly reside in my long-term memory.  I did one of the self-quizzes over the first chapter last night and I got 100%, but this wasn’t exactly the hardest quiz on the planet so I take that with a grain of salt.

Going forward I’ll have to work harder and I need to be as efficient as possible.

Time for that shower and the inevitable rush to get out the door at a decent time.

Cheers on this Wednesday,


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