I don’t want to start my day

Hmm… status-check:  I’m wearing comfy jammies.  I have access to hot tea, soup, and crackers.  I have two of my three guys.  I have a big, huggy dog who’d be thrilled if I stayed home.

I have the news on and so far it hasn’t pissed me off.  I have two chapters to review and several problems to attempt, in an effort to get the information to settle into permanent memory.

Yeah… I wish I could stay home.

But instead, I have a counseling appointment at 9am, a little boy to get ready for school, a grown-up who needs to get his butt out of bed so I can drive him to his class this morning…  and that’s just before 10am.  It gets busier after that point.  In fact, the minute I typed that, my brain froze.

On a lighter note, I’m going to bingo with two friends tonight.  I can’t go for long…. maybe an hour or a bit longer, but that’s it.  Still… it’s a chance to get out for just a little bit.  It depends on Todd though.  If he’s ok with it, I can go.  I keep thinking I talked to him about it, but we’ve been kind of busy lately.

I’d like to write more – things about great expectations for the day, but I just don’t have the concentration this morning.


And… I just looked at the time.  Geez.  I guess I should get in the shower.  (can you hear the motivation oozing from my voice?  Yeah.  Me neither.)

In answer to yesterday’s post about needing time off…  Nope, I don’t have any to spare, ’cause I’d definitely be willing to share with those other tired parents out there…  so sorry about that.

Alright.  Time to levitate myself up off this chair.  Come on!  You can do it!  1-2-3…. up!

Didn’t work, but there’s hope because NOW I’m hungry.  (and yes, I’m this silly in real life too)

Cheers on a Tuesday morning that is almost completely devoid of any spark of motivation for me –


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