Patience, Grasshopper….

AUGH!!!  Ok.  It turns out that last week they only did HALF of the IQ test for Brennan.  Today they did the academic assessment – he scored a 99.9%…  Depending on what he gets for the IQ score, that will determine which services he is referred for.  Based on my suspicions about him, I expect that he’ll be offered enrollment in one of the  full-time gifted schools for next year.  For the remainder of this school year (all 3 months of it, wahoo…), he’ll get one afternoon per week pull-out with the G/T first graders.

If they offer the full-time program for next year (they don’t have full-time G/T kindergarten, so it won’t be this year), we’ll have to arrange to take him up to the school so he can see it and see what he thinks of it.  The irony of it, or fate, depending on your perspective, is that my office is moving to a new location that just happens to be about 10 minutes from the school where he could go.

The difficulty will be in dealing with his little friends…  we’d have the summer to help him make the transition and we would keep in touch with several, but most especially with Jeremiah and Cade.  Those are his two “best” buddies…

I keep thinking about him being able to be with a classroom full of kids who are similar in nature to him…  getting the type of instruction and challenge he needs.  It makes me want to weep… not just out of happiness for him, but also sadness for what I missed out on (just brief though – what’s past is past and I’m lucky to have everything that I have now).

But the real key to a full program?  They are geared to deal with the asynchronous development and the special needs of the G/T.

I will dig around in my personal “emotional toolbox” and try to find the patience.  I need to focus anyway.  I was trying to get reading done at work today and it was a misery…  Going from my mind-numbing work to a break of 15 minutes to read?  Misery.  Lunchtime wasn’t much better.  I tried…  but I was continually interrupted.  grr.

My back is sore now and I need to get my tired body to bed.  I have a big day of studying and posting tomorrow.  I’m going to start working on the exercises and see if I can’t get some of them to stick in my brain.  For some reason (no idea why), I seem to be resistant to taking in new information right now.

Anyway, for those of you out there, dealing with special needs kids… you have my sympathy and empathy.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us… and no, it doesn’t appear to be a train (unless they come back with Highly Gifted and THEN we’re in a pickle because that school is wayyyy the hell out of our way)….

Cheers – moonfire, the not-so-mellow


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