Tears and a goodbye

Todd just called.  Lisa Kelly at Clusterfook passed away last night.   I had no idea how I would feel when (and, in my mind, if – since I kept holding out hope that she would be the survivor again)… she passed.  For more than a year I’ve read her blog, cheering for her and praying that she would fight off the cancer this third time, so she could be there for her children as they grew up.

When Todd called me it woke me up from the first stages of sleep and it took me a moment.  I knew instantly when he asked me if I’d heard the news…  I’d felt it all day on Friday, that sense that she would shortly be at peace.  Still…  it took a moment for it to hit me.  Maybe it’s because she was a mom.  That keeps running through my mind and each time it starts the tears fresh for her girls.

And Dude.  Her husband… having to make arrangements… think about practical things in the face of losing his wife.

I can’t imagine how lost he must feel – coupled with the feeling that she is finally free of the pain, the fear, the anger and the sorrow.

My heart aches for her family.

Goodbye, Lisa.  Thank you for sharing your journey’s end with us.



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