Just won my first game of chess!

Admittedly, it doesn’t really count because Bren started the game and dad had to finish it, but it was a lot of fun.  Having to think ahead a couple of moves was a challenge.  There were a couple points where I thought I was going to bite the dust, but I held on.

Todd is incredibly patient for putting up with that.  Aidan was beating up one of my knights with his hotwheels while we were trying to concentrate.  Bren was interested for about 1/2 the game, then his spazziness took over.  Time for bed for the boys, so I’m not surprised that he faded out.  He kept trying to assign points to the different pieces that were captured.

Anyway… I liked it.  I want to play more but it’s time for me to go to bed too.  Oh!  And Aidan reached into his diaper again and headed for the downstairs bathroom.  Todd took him in there and attempted a potty moment, but Aidan had already gone in his diaper.  Still, this is WAY more than Bren ever did, so it’s a miracle in my book.  He’s not even two yet and he’s interested.  Cool!  (now watch, he won’t potty-train until he’s 4)

It has been a good evening but it’s time for bed.  I want to cuddle my boys and get some seriously needed sleep.  My head is unhappy, I”m cold, and I’m a freaking phlegm-ball.  Misery.

Signing off (and hoping for another game in the near future),


2 thoughts on “Just won my first game of chess!

  1. I’ve always wanted to learn and I found a “learner’s set” that has the movements showing on the pieces. I thought it would help Brennan see the movements (and me too, as it happens). We definitely learned that trying to teach him all the different movements that close to bed wasn’t a good idea.

    It was so much fun! At the end I called out “check” but it turned out it was actually “check mate” and I didn’t know it. I think the best part, besides finally starting to learn and helping Bren to learn, was getting do do a game with Todd. We are so busy with work, school, and home… It was nice to do something where the two of us sat down together.

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