waiting for the cough syrup to kick in

Todd’s already in bed – having survived his 12-hour overnight shift and his two classes this morning.  In the interest of letting him get a head start before I drag my coughing body to bed, I took cough syrup with codeine and now I’m drinking hot lemon ginger tea.  I’ll head up in a few minutes and try to sleep for a few hours before getting up to go to my tutoring session.  I feel claustrophobic from my stuffed head and, apparently, the codeine is kicking in, because I’m feeling droopy and leaden-armed.

I wanted to note that I’ve read two books I love – Raisin’ Brains and Life in the Fast Brain, both by Karen Isaacson.  They are fun, anecdotal accounts of her and her five gifted children.  Stanley reminds me of Brennan and Otto reminds me of Aidan, but I’m not sure why in either instance.

I’m also reading a book about how to deal with the issues that fall under the term “gifted” for adults.  Here’s the thing… absent any other, better descriptive term to denote a group of people, that’s what I’m going to use.  I fall into that category and it’s an uncomfortable feeling… but it also presents solutions, at least intellectually-speaking, about why I am the way I am and why I can be such a horrendous pain in the ass.  Mum and Todd (and likely Chris S., plus a few others) are nodding about the “pain in the ass” comment.

I’m drugged up right now and can’t string together a more coherent thought, but will come back and tackle this one later.  Let’s just say I’m learning about the perfectionism, the irritation with the slowness around me, and my general problems in dealing with some people.  I’m also learning that maybe, just maybe, I can figure out a way to be a contributor to the world instead of a drag on it.

boy I hope so.

My cheeks feel warm and my fingers aren’t typing as well as I’d hope for…. so on that note: codeine wins.

back later,



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