not really listening

I’m sick, so this morning I have Meet The Press on, but to be honest, I”m not really listening.  My nose is plugged… my oldest has been vomiting and my youngest is attempting to eat me out of house and home.

I’d listen, but it’d just tick me off and frankly, I feel crappy enough already.

The weekend has evaporated into a movie marathon and Puffs Plus usage test (ie, how many can I use in one two-day weekend?)…

I have to say, the Puffs Plus with Vicks rock.  Sniffing them makes me feel marginally better.

We picked up some food items that are gentle on the tummy (jello, saltines, etc.) for Bren.  Poor dude.


Even as I was typing this out, Bren had to run to the bathroom again.  Argh!  Luckily, his computer is near the downstairs bathroom.  He asked to get on there this morning so I told him it was ok….  especially since he needs to be near the bathroom.  As it turns out, that was a smart idea.

So what’s he doing?  Jump Start First Grade.  Fun games that help with learning but don’t feel condescending or pushy.  It’s weird – his language arts ability is really high, but he doesn’t see the same patterns in math.  I’ve been wondering if it’s because we have an ultra print-rich environment, but math is less transparent in our household.  I don’t want to push it with him – but I wish he could see those same patterns… (I can’t believe I’m going to type this…) Math patterns are cool.

When I was about his age, we used these really cool blocks for centimeters… I only partially remember them and I know they were meant for measurements, but they really helped me with 10’s, 100’s, and 1000’s.  I wish I could hunt them down… I think they’d be great for Bren, but they’d also be fantastic for teaching place values to my two tutoring students.

I guess I should get online and see if I can’t find them.  You just never know.

And for the record?  He’s the one who picked out the Jump Start software – for the games.  He’s competitive and likes to play games.  The fact that he gets some enrichment out of it is fine by me.  Oh… we also finished Peter and the Starcatchers last night.  What a great book!  I’ll admit that I haven’t read the original story, so this “Disney-fied” version worked ok for us.  Bren isn’t familiar with the Disney story of Peter Pan anyway, so he thought it was just a cool story about Peter, his friends, and various “bad guys.”

Tonight we’ll start on the first Harry Potter.  It’s a good adventure story and will give us the chance to enjoy another book together.  Peter and the Starcatchers took us about a month (I think).  We didn’t read each night because sometimes I was just too tired.  That’s some hard work, reading aloud for that length of time.

Aidan just plopped himself down on my lap… book time.  We read some Skippyjon Jones.  I have to enjoy those times when he wants to sit and read them now, since Bren has put the kibosh on us reading picture books together.  This is kind of sad, since I love reading Skippyjon with VIGOR.  🙂

We watched “Speed Racer” last night…  The lead character, Speed, reminded me of Aidan for some reason.  Not sure why.  I’m still trying to figure it out.  Aidan loves cars and he’s a bit of a wild man… but it couldn’t be that simple, could it?  hmm… have to ponder that some more.

Sometimes I look at Aidan and wonder just what is going on in his little almost 2-year old brain.  He’s STILL not talking, even though he’s been babbling since he was 6 months old.  And when I say babbling, I mean he uses vocal variation and I could swear there’s syntax…  He used hand gestures and gets very animated.  He also sings… not words… tunes. He does a really good version of the Imperial March from Star Wars.  I just wonder when the child is going to talk in recognizable words.  Oh wait… cut a piece of cheese and he makes the “ch” sound.  And if he’s being taken away from me and he doesn’t want that, he’ll wail “mamamamamamamaaaaaaaaaa”.  But, again, he won’t use these any other times.

He’s got his “Three Animal Schtick” down:

What does a cat say?  Aidan: Eeeoowww (said very quickly)

What does a dog say? Aidan: woo woophshssshhh

What does a cow say? Aidan: mooh (said quickly, with a lowering tone – so it sounds like either a) a pissed off cow or b) a chronically depressed cow)

We’ve been trying to get him to do monkey, since it seems so appropriate, but he just smiles and creates whatever sound he feels like at the time.

Wait.  I forgot.  He says “Ow.”  He says it a lot and it’s usually, but not always, out of context.

He’s been doing car noises since he was about 9 months old and we’re not sure where he picked that up from since Bren doesn’t do it and none of us have showed it to him.  Maybe tv?  I don’t know.

If you had asked me in the fall of 2007, I would have said he’d be fully talking by the time he turned 1 in May 2008.  Instead, he we are, a couple months shy of 2 and we haven’t really got any full words.  It’s the strangest thing.  AND it’s close to what Bren did.


Bren’s curled up on his chair, playing his games.  He’s holding down a little bit of water.  There’s nothing much more I can do for him right now.  I’ll keep getting sips into him and hope that we see the last of this before tomorrow morning.  I’d so much rather that I was the one throwing up…  Seeing him pasty and quiet is disconcerting.


Well.  That’s what’s happening this quiet Sunday morning in our household.  I think I’ll turn off the news and wrap up in a blanket with my youngest (presuming he’ll cuddle, of course).  Maybe he’ll let me read Skippyjon Jones again…




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