Some reading…

I’ve been reading things on addressing the needs of exceptional children.   I found this excellent site: and have gained some good knowledge out of it.

I’d love to form a parent’s group – “Exhausted Trying to Keep Up With Our Kids.”

No particular prequisites to be a part of it… just an urgent need to sympathize, have a shoulder (or two) to cry on, and maybe share recipes…  I know… I don’t have the time.

At least I’ve found some resources and I understand better what the school district is going to put him through.  I’ve been noodling over the whole situation, unsure if I feel frustrated with it or if I’m just being naughty, impatient mummy to my son.

I keep thinking that they’ll do those assessments and come back with “Well… yeah, he’s advanced in reading, but really?  He’s just going to have to stay where he is.”  What the hell do I do then??  But this is borrowed worry and I need to just mellow out and hang in there.  Thankfully, we’ve got the appointment tonight and I want to ask his doctor – “How do WE hang in there with him and survive trying to keep up with it???”

Damn.  That reminds me.  We’ve got a small chess set.  We need to set up teaching it to him.  I learned years ago and didn’t get it reinforced, so I’ll have to relearn (on top of everything).  Todd?  Can you please step in and do this?  I’m kind of maxed out right now.

I want ask Bren if he could please hang on, just one more year before needing all these crazy, beyond-normal things from us…  Seriously, could he just make it to June 2010 and then I can tackle it for him?

Holy crap.  How long have I got before I have to worry about Aidan?  He’s two this year.  Ok…  I’ve got two to three years still… thank god.


And that, folks, is what it feels like, sitting inside this mom’s brain… fretting about things.  Yay me.

Well… I’ve got some editing to do.  Our marketing manager is sending me an article for a quick and dirty edit.  I am putting on my critical thinking cap.  I’d really like some tart, really lemony cake to eat right now.  Does anyone have a good recipe for it?  I think this weekend I could fit in a tiny bit of baking.



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