Life with Bren…

I’ll admit, I ended up getting a bit distracted this morning.  I am a little bit worried about Brennan since he’s been acting peculiar for the last couple of weeks.  I can’t really describe it concretely, but something is just a bit *off* with him.  He has told me several times that he’s looking forward to school being out in the summer because he’ll get a break from the “noise” of the other kids.  His JFK teachers (before- and after-kindergarten) have mentioned that he seems to be seeking out quiet times more.

I’ve got some theories… and luckily we get to go see his counselor tomorrow evening, so perhaps we can discuss it a bit.  I suspect he’s going through another developmental spurt plus he’s transitioned away from interest in picture books to chapter books.  We’re finishing up Peter and the Starcatchers right now and I’m going to start reading the Harry Potters to him.  He’s already requested the next in the Peter series too.  Plus we break it up with stories out of the “Mad Scientists Club” book that Todd read when he was a kid.   He’s only in kindergarten…  what is life going to be like in a year or two?  Can I keep up?

Bren sticks his nose in a book and it takes a LOT to break his concentration.  But he’s that way with lots of things…

I was going to take him to “Planet Kid” for some good, old-fashioned running around (it’s an indoor playground).  He asked if we could go to the Discovery Center instead.

He watches the news with us in the morning and likes to discuss things with his classmates (sometimes to the dismay of the classmates and the teachers).

He spent a Saturday morning reviewing the periodic table on the internet, rather than watching cartoons.

He still won’t let go of seeing hookworms in *person*, so this Friday his dad is going to pick him up early from school and we’ll head over to the biology department here on campus.  (ugh)

I need to find the toothpicks so we can make the buckyball out of toothpicks and gumdrops.  He’s going to take it to his kindergarten class to share it with them.

He grew the crystals – augh, what a mess!  And now I need to find pictures of other crystalline structures.

There’s more… but I’m tired and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed these days.  I’m doing a lot and working a lot.  Am I letting him down?  School starts for me in less than two weeks.  I can’t blow it, but I can’t let him (or Aidan) down.

So much more to say, but I have to get back to work.  Trying to express this is hard for me right now.  It’s like trying to draw a picture with charcoal and really needing oils… 



2 thoughts on “Life with Bren…

  1. wow. he sounds so much older than kindergarten. that must be stressful…knowing how much smarter he is, on top of everything else going on in your life. does he have friends his age?

    • CK – I read your comment and it hit me – it IS stressful and I never really thought about it in exactly those terms. All the things I thought we’d have YEARS to prepare before they’d hit have shown up now. He has some really great little friends in his class – friends that we hope will be lifetime friends. They are sweet, funny, wonderful little boys (and even two little girls). But watching them together, we can really see the degree to which he is so different from those kids who are in his age-group… He even has a first grader who is his friend and we can see the difference.

      Our concern has been the level of difference that exists now and how much that gap will just grow and grow, based on the curve he’s on now. His level of sophistication, intellectually and socially-speaking, is higher. Even more, he seems to be curving upward faster.

      As a parent, I feel the pressure to keep up with meeting his needs, even as I’m trying to juggle the pressures I’ve already placed on myself. Knowing where we are with him now, I would never have taken on the second job at this time… but that cannot be changed and I can’t abandon the family I’m helping.

      And how do we preserve his childhood – keep him feeling like he gets to be a normal kid, all the while balancing his intellectual needs? It’s enough to make me crazy…

      Oh yeah… he’s also really tall for his age and physically developing a bit ahead of the curve too. It’s like nature is trying to tell us something.

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