Life with Bren 2.0

Finished posting and got the call from the school… Bren needed to talk to me.  He didn’t sound upset.  He didn’t seem emotional.  He told me straight-out: Please come get me after kindergarten.  The sub-text?  I’ve had it. 

When I asked him what happened he told me he just missed me. 

I’m taking him to my tutoring session tonight.  We’re going to teach the kids to play “Sorry.”  And I drafted him into helping me teach T.T. some fun songs.

Less than two months to go.  I’m going to boost up my hours for the next two weeks and try to get some extra time in.  I need to be done by April 1st… for me, my kids, and for the Mie Mie kids.  We all need some fun-time… some watch cartoons, bake cookies, go to the movies, play games, and “hang out” time.  Bren will benefit.  They will benefit.  I will stop fretting … ok, so I’ll lower the fretting a bit.  I can’t overcome my nature.

He has made it clear that he needs more of me.  So I’ll just have to step it up and be there.



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