Posting BEFORE the Sunday morning shows

I’m giving into the notion that this morning will once again tick me off.  I’m a realist at this point.  I’ll still watch, but no way am I going to let myself get caught up in rant-mode.

(any bets??)

Baby-boy is miserable and I’m thinking that may mean canceling the visit we were going to have today.  No sense spreading the lovely germs that seem to be percolating in my family to my close friends!

Got a blog idea from watching the weekend Today show just now…. Lester Holt said “Doesn’t anyone telephone anymore?”

So here’s my answer to that – I hate talking on the phone now.  I have a hard time hearing and without seeing a person’s face, context and clues are lost…  leaving me feeling like I’ve missed something.  I like emailing because my handwriting is atrocious and I think that I’m able to write better content when I type – plus, there’s no hunting for a stamp and, given that mostly I don’t have access to a car during the week, I don’t have to work in a way to drive to the post office to get stamps.

I know… all these things could be overcome.  Really?  I like face-to-face visits the best, preferably with a hot cup of tea and a scone with jam.  I like moments, where we’re sitting at a kitchen table, kids running around and making messes in the background…. or a meet-up at a local coffee shop…  I don’t need parties with big groups or going out to social “spots” – I much prefer a small dinner-gathering or movie night or game night at our house (which we haven’t  done in over a year).

But the biggest theme I’ve noticed in my social interactions is the need for it to be small and relatively quiet.  I don’t know why this is…  I was talking to Todd about it last night and I think a big reason is that I have so many people talking to me everyday and so many pressures…  I just don’t have much left over right now.  It’s not that I don’t want to be with friends – I do.  This blog, my Facebook page and my Twitter (which I don’t do a lot) give me a bit of the daily social interaction that I want, but I can determine my level of engagement at any time.

Actually, this blog has become two parts – social interaction/sharing of ideas and a diary/purging.  Because this is a public space, I limit what I write about (ooh…. hard to tell, isn’t it?  But yes, I do heavily edit myself).  I suppose that means it’s not a real diary, per se, but it is certainly approaching that level.  I write the mundane – the regular – as well as the weird, the funny and the rants.  I’m focused on my family, work, money, and school so that’s what I write and it very much reflects my thoughts at home.  I don’t have a lot of time in my day, my week, so I have really stripped away much of the extraneous.

**would write more but baby-boy is done. Misery trumps writing.**


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