The brighter side…

Had my appointment with the doctor today (same one as Todd).  Three removals, but mine were for different reasons than Todd.  No expectation on my part that they will come back as odd.

She spoke to us a bit and was very reassuring about Todd’s situation which did two things for me: 1) I’m feeling like it will all be nothing to worry about and 2) Todd’s mom’s were based on sun damage, so I was doubly relieved.

As for me, she is going to help me deal with my rosacea, which I have due to the wonderful Gaelic genetics I am sporting.  It was nice to be in an office where my massively pasty skin is celebrated.  [grins]

I really like this doctor.  She is practical but also dryly (wryly) funny.  I have no doubt that Todd will get good care for his “little friends” over the years.

Anyway, I feel better and I’m still tired and still slightly worried, but at least I can move on and even drum up a bit of patience.

The one good chuckle I had was as she was talking about avoiding nutritional “stressors” for my skin… and she was mentioning certain types of alchohols and smoking… caffeine.  I’m not much of a drinker (makes me too sick)… I don’t smoke… and I tend to limit my caffeine just because I like water and herbal tea more than anything.  Todd started singing the “Goody Two-Shoes” song…  boy…  the things I put up with!

I told Todd that we’ll celebrate when the path comes back with good news…

ok.  I’m good but I have to get work done so I don’t feel so overwhelmed with things.

Cheers and thanks for the support.  I’m sure it will all be fine in the end…



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