Less human than normal

We’re going through some stresses and I have a ridiculous headache that is barely managed with pain killers, so I’m going to keep this brief.

If you have moles, get them checked.  It seems like a pain and expensive and all those good things, but do it.

I’m going to go hide in my office and hope that I can survive this misery and emerge a new woman tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Less human than normal

  1. Headache is gone now (side effect of medication maybe??) and we’re waiting on pathology for an atypically developing mole taken from my honey… Trying to think of the positives… We got it removed and everything is probably fine, but you just never know.

    I’m doing well, but I have to trick my brain into thinking about other things. His mother had skin cancer that she had removed, so I’m trying to imagine that it will all come out ok too.

    I suppose I should expand on this. I REALLY want people to get checked out. The founder of our college died from skin cancer….

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