An interesting commentary…

This article nicely tackles the comment made by the newly appointed Chair of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, plus a few others….  I’m sorry (as I bang my head against a wall), did Steele actually say that government had never created jobs???

I wanted to write something on this earlier, but, in an attempt to avoid political news and keep my “diet” going, I thought I’d divert my attention back to other more pressing matters.  Then I stumbled on this article and almost fell over.  THANK YOU to the author.  You restored my faith that I’m not incredibly insane.

And here’s my thought:  Political folks will say ANYTHING they wish in an attempt to get other folks to believe that the P.F.’s have all the answers.  Incredible.

I want to load the “Change-o-meter” widget to my blog…. but I’m afraid that it’s the equivalent of fudgy-chocolate cake to a food diet.    bah.


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