Sunday morning shows – ABC This Week, Meet The Press

I’ve got to say it – I think Robert Reich is a very smart man.  The former labor secretary has said things that are right on the money, although I HIGHLY doubt anyone wants to hear that the economy is in as bad a shape as it…. or that it’s likely to be bad (even with stimulus) for several years.   His comment that things will get much worse without the stimulus was extremely interesting.

And I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I actually understand what Newt Gingrich was saying about letting capitalism “work” and allowing the businesses that have failed to just fail.  I say understand – I don’t say agree.  And that’s a distinction I want to note.  From the standpoint of letting the deadwood go, I get it but the problem is that the failing of those businesses could very likely create the problem of a big ship sinking while little ships are too close… they are drawn down too.  You could actually create an even bigger situation by following his lead.

Not that I think he’s alone in thinking this way. Hell, even I let it flit through my head a few times.  Here’s an interesting thought to ponder, though – I wonder if he’d be willing to let businesses who’ve “scratched his back” fail.  I guess I’d be curious to know how far he’d be willing to go to just sit back and let the bad businesses fail.  I suspect he wouldn’t be able to live it.

What pissed me off was the (suspiciously accurate, I expect) notion that the Republicans are thinking ahead to the mid-term elections.  ANY politician who isn’t thinking about the situation we’re in now, but who is thinking to the damn elections deserves to have their butt kicked out and replaced with someone who is willing to help out the country now.

I know this would create an experience and brain drain, but maybe all of them need to get elected for one term – go in there, do the work, and then you’re out.  No second chances.  Your legacy is how you did during the time you were there.  Blow it and you’re forever known for that.  Period.

I’ve got to say this and I doubt I’m alone – I am absolutely disgusted with how the politicians are handling this.

Mike Pence…. politician.  I want to like him.  He’s freaking pissing me off….  He’s saying the same thing that so many of them have been said before.  I may have to turn this off.

I’m getting to the point where I have almost no faith left in the house or the senate.  It’s the same old thing, the same old rhetoric and bullshit.  Really…

I have never turned it off when it started, but I think I’m done with Meet The Press this morning.  I’m sitting here, hoping that doing a graduate degree in accounting will help me get a decent job so I can support my family because my husband hasn’t been able to find a job .  I hope that the fact he’s in a degree program that will take him another 4 academic years to do is LONG enough so that there are once again jobs out there.

I hope that things don’t spiral even faster than they already are.

I hope that the notion that a retired life isn’t going to exist for us is exaggerated, even though I suspect it’s right on.


I don’t give a crap who was in power in the past.  I want to know WHAT they are going to do now.

Ok…. I’m just getting riled up.  I swear, I need to go on a politics diet.  It’s going to make me nuts.  And on that note, I’m going to turn it off.  They aren’t saying anything new.  It’s the same old crap.  Both “teams” are holding to their normal lines of thought.  The Republicans appear to be rigid and refusing to flex.  The Democrats appear to be thrilled that they’ve finally got some power.

And that right there is the problem…. Politics is about power.  I thought the government was supposed to work for us, the people of this country.  When did it become about party affiliation and power?

I’m turning this off and I’m pulling out the Wii Fit so I can work off my anger and frustration.   On a lighter (bad pun) note, getting the Fit software and balance board was our little bit of helping out the economy.  I love it and maybe it’ll make me “lighter” too.  I can sweat out some of this irritation and I can work out the fear for the future.  I have a feeling that I’m going to have to ignore the news for a couple of days.  I don’t need to be pissed off all the time.  The odds they are going to blow things is huge.  The odds they’ll do something to help the situation?  Oh, I’d bet they are so locked into their rigid mindsets that they’re going to argue us right into a depression.

How’s that for a legacy?

I’ll report after I get on the Fit.  At least it’s something positive.



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