Walking slowly…. very slowly…

Oh yeah.  Stiff muscles and joints today.  I really work my hip joints when I walk and I’m feeling it today.  But I also have a sense of satisfaction that’s been missing for a while.  Didn’t have time to do the Fit this morning and I’m tutoring tonight, so it’s out for tonight too.  That’s ok.  I’m taking today off to address other things that need attention.  Tomorrow I’ll be back to it again.

Even though I’m tired and walking with a bit of a hitch in my gait, I’m feeling good.  The stress and the over-scheduling are still present, but now I’ve got something to focus on that takes me outside of my brain…

Does that even make sense?

And in response to Mike’s comment on yesterday’s blog – the bit about the pants that make your butt look good had me chuckling.  I’d love to have pants that make my butt look good, but I figure I’m about 2-3 months from there.  We’ll talk then.  The whole buttoning issue?  Oh yeah.  I’m there.

As for my honey’s comment… Oh sweetie, you’re dreaming.  There’s no glitch.  Just be glad you’re tall and it’s stretched out over your frame.  I’m short and I’m dumpy.  Period.


The dumpy part can be cured.  The short part will be improved with a pair of heels.

Had a nice compliment last night…. Brennan’s little friend came over with his mom so they could see the house and get to know us before the sleep-over on Friday night.  We were talking and at one point she asked me how old I was, out of shock about some things were were talking about… When I told her I’d be 40 in May, she was stunned.  It was the sweetest, most wonderful thing!

I’m fine with aging…  there are aspects to it that I really like.  I’m sometimes scared that I won’t have time left to do the things I want to do, but I don’t always fret over the physical signs of aging (except for the slowed metabolism… grr).

Lately, though, I’ve been finding that I’m more sensitive about it and I’m a bit surprised.  I have yet to find a face cream that doesn’t feel like an oil-slick on my skin and I could really do without the breakouts that stress and hormones bring on… but I never expected to feel so aware of my physical aspect.  In a lot of ways, I’m glad that I’m surprised.  Honestly, it is such a small thing compared to what truly matters in this world… still the sparking of concern over my appearance is here.

Now I get to deal with it.  And it’s funny, because the things that will help my body with appearance are the same things I’ve been facing for my weight – drinking lots of water, not eating sugar, eating fresh fruits and veggies… exercise, fresh air….

Ironic, eh?

All the skin cream in the world won’t help if I don’t do these things…

So I guess that clinches it.


Hmmm…. What else?  Well, the roller coaster called “Work” continues on it’s merry way.  Some days are good.  Some are bad.

That’s life.

I can’t do much except what I’m already doing, so I’ll just keep hanging in and apply for appropriate things as they come up.  I’ve got four little boys coming over for a sleep over with Bren on Friday night and I need to plan for it.  I’ve got tutoring tonight and I need to make it a LOT of fun since I missed Monday night.  I’ve got to plan for the family coming to my house on Saturday afternoon and I need to get some reading done for my upcoming class.

Have you ever noticed how fast time can slip by when you’re busy and you need more time?  I’ll blink and March will be here.  I’ll blink again and it’ll be birthday time for both me and Aidan.  Another blink and it’ll be the 12-year mark that Todd and I’ve been together then his birthday then completion of my accounting certificate…. then Bren will be 7.

That’s how life goes.  I’m going to relax a bit and enjoy the sore muscles, since they’re giving me a good taste of life in the moment.  A bit of sunshine today and I’ll be feeling even better.

Cheers to all,


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